People are at the heart of the – and therefore we design for accessibility, removing any potential barrier which would prevent people from being included.

How does someone with Arthritis or a broken arm actually use the app?
Where did we start with accessibility design?

We designed with these people in mind.
We designed for a purpose.

Design affects everyone

Making an app easy to use means thinking about everyone’s use. Long term pain challenges the way users use their phone. To design the best possible experience for everyone, we need to consider long term pain, (Osteoporosis) temporary disability, (a broken arm) and situational disability, (carrying a coffee with one hand) which affect the way all users interact with their devices.

People may not understand the straight away, so we never assume that they will. Good UX helps narrate the user’s journey by showing them where to go. Labelling elements, managing the focus of the page and designing a typography system consistent throughout the app are some of the many ways we’re making the experience more accessible and inclusive.

A frictionless app experience requires:

Flexibility – The works in one or two hands

Consideration – of a diverse range of people and long term pain conditions

Intuition – Testing that the app is easy to use

Tolerance – Minimising the potential errors which can be made on the app

Space – Using large enough space for people to interact comfortably


People with visual impairments or Arthritis, people on public transport or using their device with one hand all appreciated enough space to interact with your app. Make sure that each touch target is easy to reach.

(All of our interactions are a minimum of 44px independent of the screen size, device or resolution.)


Ensuring that our colours meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is one way we’re making the accessible to as many user groups as possible who require assistive technology to get online. The colours allow enough contrast to read text clearly on the screen. The font colours we use meet the WCAG guidelines. We strive to make the strongest commitment to accessibility.

Good User Experience design helps narrate the user journey and support the user to navigate the app. The is designed to be easy to use, accessible and inclusive. It’d designed for a purpose.