Asia’s largest experiential conference is not a one-off event, however the existing Corporate Innovation Summit website fell flat with CTA’s pointing customers to a ticket purchase, without offering them any value.

The key focus for RISE, the event’s organisers, is that the site becomes experiential, engaging and interactive, bringing customer’s back to Bangkok for more year after year, as well as offering helpful insights throughout the event.


As Head of Creative at Aerate, I was tasked with reviewing the UX/UI of the existing site and providing my thoughts and designs to improve the overall experience for its customers. The team included the client as stakeholders, and their developer team based in Asia.

The site lacked any additional information regarding the 40+ workshops it offered and prompted users to buy a ticket without any information of the event.

In order to create meaningful designs, which helped users get to the information they needed easily, we needed to restructure the information of the workshops and what counted as primary and secondary CTAs and features to its customers.

Through interviews with the stakeholders and attendees, the value proposition of the event was defined, celebrating the rise of Asia as a strategic destination for business and innovation. Through further exploration, the workshops, delivered by 200+ World-Class speakers, revolved around 8 essential key themes:

mindset transformation

Re-designing traditional approaches into innovative
strategy to bring about effective outcomes

corporate venture capital

Investment trends made by investors, VC and CVC around the globe

corporate entrepreneurship

How corporations can embrace the boundary-less startup culture to be more innovative

m&a and beyond

How organizations and innovators can co-create and co-innovate new businesses in the ecosystem

government and policy

Initiatives the governments across SEA are taking in
setting the direction for innovation at the regional level

deep technology

The latest venture in technology and the trends towards the future

creativity and innovation

The ingredients of innovation and how unicorns are leveraging them to stay ahead of the game

corporate accelerator

What it takes to work and co-create value with startups

The interactive timetable was designed using the Corporate Innovation brand colours, to colour code the themes so that they had a visual identity, making it easy for people to identify the nature of the event they would like to attend.

Customer’s also come to the Corporate Innovation Summit to specifically target individual entrepreneurs for insight and opportunities. By adding a differentiation of Speakers and Attendees, the website could offer customers an opportunity to plan their time at the exhibition around certain key speakers.

The updated program and list of speakers and attendees, formed the basis of the CIS companion app for the event, which allowed users to easily book workshops, browse and contact attendees, receive notifications and plan their visit.