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The elina app is designed to provide support for individuals in the tracking and managing of long-term pain. This is in collaboration with a team of doctors, health professionals and close friends – their chosen ‘e-team’. The app provides a positive and engaging tracking experience, alleviating the impact for users on their professional and personal lives.

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now, sit down

Buying a new sofa is a confounding experience – it’s not designed with users in mind. Now, Sit Down not only rethought the sofa but the purchase process as well to make delivery and choice straightforward. Because it’s people like us who do things like this.

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corporate innovation summit

Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 was Asia’s first and largest experiential conference. Prominent corporate figures and government leaders gathered to engage with a global network of more than 20,000 CEOs and top executives. This 3-day event offers an engaging and hands-on environment, designed to evolve your mindset to one that brings the vision of your business to life and drives your organisation forward faster.

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